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  1. Broncos Hoist Super Bowl 50 Trophy
    The Broncos talk about winning Super Bowl 50.
  2. Monday Sports Broadcast
    Click the video player to view Monday's 10 p.m. sports broadcast.
  3. Fighting Online Predators
    Every day, a Rapid City task force is using high- tech computers systems to search for child pornography and exploitation online.
  4. Domestic Violence Cases In Rapid City Went Up In 2015
    Rapid City Police reported an increase in domestic violence cases in 2015.
  5. Garretson Voters Can Decide If School Will Opt Out
    As lawmakers in Pierre discuss a tax increase to pay for teachers, a district is putting the issue in the hands of the community.
  6. Part Of Governor's Education Plan Moving Forward
    Governor Dennis Daugaard’s education plan saw some early success in Pierre Monday.
  7. Rescheduling Travel Because Of Zika Virus
    The South Dakota Department of Health recommends that you follow the CDC guidelines.
  8. Phishing Emails Targeting Jobseekers
    Scammers send out millions of phishing emails and all it takes are a few people to take the bait for them to make a quick dollar.
  9. Windy Conditions Forecasted To Continue
    While winds will still be strong tomorrow, they shouldn't be as strong as today and blowing snow will not be as widespread.
  10. Harrisburg's School Administrators Recognized
    Harrisburg's two school administrators are being recognized as principal and assistant principal of the year.