To start working on studing for you license you can get books online at or from any of the online ham stores. Gordon West makes some really good book that put things in simple terms. They will all get you the information you need to pass you test. You can get a hold of a local ham in your area or send us a message in the Contact Us link in main menu of this site. From there we can get a hold of local VEs in the area that put on the tests. A lot of the time there are tests scheduled each month. If not we can set up something and meet your schedule. Just let us know what days and times work best for you. Some of the clubs offer testing sessions and will guide you along the way and answer and questions. Check the club meetings and visit one of those. They are more than happy to help you out. Even if you are not in there area. We are all one big happy group.

Online Stores:

R&L Electronics
Universal Radio

Radio City

Practice test site:





Demo video on contacting a ham on radio.