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  1. Strong North Korea links to global cyberattack

    Cybersecurity firm Symantec says the world's biggest cyberattack shows strong links to Lazarus, a hacking group that has previously been tied to North Korea.
  2. Robots could kill another 6 million retail jobs

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  3. FAA's drone registration rule suffers major setback

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  4. This billionaire just dropped $111M on a painting

    Besides being a keen art collector, billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is also a fashion mogul and a rock musician.
  5. This tech could save millions of piglets

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  6. Mark Zuckerberg: I'm not running for office

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his tour of the U.S. doesn't mean he's currently running for public office.
  7. Bitcoin prices are soaring under Trump

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  8. How Facebook handles violent content

    As Facebook scrambles to deal with videos of suicide and murder on its platform, a new Guardian report reveals the network's internal rules on regulating content.
  9. Here's how Trump's FCC affects you

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  10. Saudi-SoftBank tech fund nears $100 billion target

    A huge tech investment fund backed by Saudi Arabia and SoftBank has raised $93 billion.
  11. 5 years after IPO, Facebook stronger than ever

    Facebook's IPO no longer looks like such a disaster.
  12. Hackers steal Zomato data on 17 million users

    Popular restaurant app Zomato said email addresses and encrypted passwords were taken.
  13. London airport control tower won't have anyone inside

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  14. IBM tells employees working at home to get back to the office

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  15. Goodbye high seas, hello cubicle. Sailor -- the next desk job.

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  16. WeWork founder donates $1 million to Be the Match

    WeWork founder Adam Neumann donated $1 million to Be the Match, a bone marrow transplant organization, in an effort to find the company's 15th employee a match.
  17. Google is still trying to kill the Echo and Siri

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  18. Fujifilm's new camera is like Instagram in real life

    The new camera is Fujifilm's first to combine instant prints with digital.
  19. Can Google make virtual reality less lonely?

    Google is updating its Daydream virtual reality platform with new sharing options and a virtual YouTube comments section.
  20. FCC kicks off net neutrality repeal

    The process to overhaul how the Internet is regulated is now officially underway.