We are located in  the NE part of South Dakota in Clear Lake.

The club operates two repeaters that are linked together. The 444.950 ( PL 136.5 ) west of town and the 444.300 ( PL 136.5 ) east of town. The linked repeaters are also connected to Echolink ( W0GC-R Clear Lake, SD ). The site on the west side of town is equipped with a weather station ( W0GC-3 ) that sends data to the National Weather Service and APRS network. The eastern site has an APRS digi ( W0GC-2 ) that resends that signal from the APRS stations to make there coverage area larger. We are also installing a weather station ( W0GC-4 )  that will also send data to the  NWS and APRS network. There is an IGate ( N0TAW-2 ) in town to complete the whole network and put the stations on the Internet. Visit aprs.fi to view that area.

The club takes part in Marathons, Field Day, Hamfest, and many projects club related or helping other radio operators out throughout the year.


Things of Interest

Last Man Standing TV show is adding amateur radio to the venue. It is on every Tuesday at 7:00pm CT on ABC. Check out ARRL page for an article on it and ABC site for more on show.

YouTube video:
Number of licenses at all time high

Amateur Radio Today by Walter Cronkite - SK

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We have redesigned the whole website. We hope you enjoy the new look and will get more out of the new experience and information this site supplies for your viewing pleasure.

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